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Information on contained allergens can be provided upon request.


 Menu for groups.


50,00 Kč Selection of bread from our bakery, grease and cheese spread


Starters - Salads - Soup

299,00 Kč Beef tartar with capers, shallots, egg yolk and caraway bread toast


193,00 Kč Jelly of pork legs and knees with marjoram, pickles, shallots and mustard cream


265,00 Kč Rabbit liver with chestnuts and ginger glaze, caramelised apple puree


205,00 Kč „Kulajda jinak“ - ragout of mushrooms, potatoes and dill, poached eggs and dill oil


105,00 Kč Beef broth, liver dumplings, root vegetables and homemade noodles


195,00 Kč Fried carp marinated in herbs and spices, dill and parsley cream, marinated shallots


Main courses

399,00 Kč Fish of the day, roasted mushrooms with cabbage, mashed potatoes with herbs and garlic sauce


315,00 Kč ¼ roasted duck, red cabbage, roasted apple, Carlsbad or potato dumplings


465,00 Kč Beef sirloin medallions, autumn vegetables, roasted small potatoes and Foie Gras cream sauce


345,00 Kč "Svíčková" - slowly stewed boar neck, cream sauce, Carlsbad dumplings, cranberries


345,00 Kč Potato dumplings with ragout from game, chestnuts and mushrooms, rosemary


495,00 Kč Fallow deer sirloin, cabbage with bacon, potato puree with chestnuts, St. John´s walnuts and glazes with berries



127,00 Kč Sourdough buns with rum syrup and vanilla blancmange


165,00 Kč Dumplings stuffed with seasonal fruit, „žmolenka” and freshly grated curd , clarified butter


145,00 Kč Potato dough pastry, fresh plums pureé, vanilla sauce, poppy seeds and sugar


145,00 Kč Slice of chocolate foam with nugget, chocolate crumble, raspberries, raspberry pureé and sweet curd


MENU from granny’s Traditional travels

Starters - Salads - Soup

345,00 Kč Carpaccio from octopus, celery, bell pepper ketchup and chorizo


325,00 Kč Tiger prawns with chilli, garlic, mushrooms in white wine, garlic aioli


345,00 Kč Brûlée of duck Foie Gras, pear cooked in red wine with cinnamon, pine nuts, gel from mulled wine and brioche


295,00 Kč Romaine lettuce, radish, chestnuts, lightly cooked egg, brioche croutons and truffle dressing


Main courses

345,00 Kč Porcini mushroom rissoto, chestnuts, parmesan crumble and rucola


495,00 Kč Octopus with cherry tomatoes, chorizo and smoked peppers, small potatoes


465,00 Kč Dorada and tiger prawns with olives, fennel, bell peppers and capers, fregola di sarda with lemon and herbs


395,00 Kč Beef „Bourguignon“ with root vegetables, mushrooms and bacon, small potatoes


465,00 Kč Duck breast in orange, pumpkin puree and young glazed carrot



145,00 Kč Cremeux of salty caramel, chocolate beans, mango, mango foam and lime crumble


145,00 Kč Crème brûlée, forest fruits and bluberry gel


145,00 Kč Crépes Suzette with orange caramel and vanilla ice cream


Children menu / children under 15 years of age /

140,00 Kč Homemade noodles with cherry tomatoes and olive oil or tomato sauce


150,00 Kč Mini chicken cutlets, potato puree


150,00 Kč Natural chicken steak, potato puree


165,00 Kč 1/2 „Svíčková” – beefstriploin on creamy sauce with dumplings


160,00 Kč Baked salmon trout with potato puree


110,00 Kč Dumplings stuffed with seasonal fruit, clarified butter and freshly grated cheese


95,00 Kč Pancakes with chocolate cream or jam and fresh fruit


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